How can I learn more about TTS?

Come and visit us and take a tour of our school. It's a place of learning and discovery for both students and staff. We're on our way to a place of caring connected learners.  Information is also available in the information booklet below.  Click on the pop out arrow to open in a new window.

TTS Parent Info booklet 2022.pdf

Enrolment Zone Information

Please click this link to go to a Ministry of Education website which will enable you to check your address for school enrolment zones within our area:  

20230330 Dated, stamped and signed March 2023 FINAL approved ES description for The Terrace School.pdf

Enrolment Zone Map

Enrolment Documents

The following documents contain all the information you need to enrol at The Terrace School.

You can download our enrolment form, a family medical form, and a map of our school zone. 

Alternatively please feel free to come in to the school office to pick up an enrolment pack that includes these documents. Our office staff are only too happy to help.